3 thoughts on “What Are We Doing for Those Being Left Behind?

  1. Programs are fine and ever so needed, but… The greatest good we as believing Christians can perpetuate is setting Godly examples for our youth. Relativism has crippled the truth of God’s Word. Absolutes are not embraced because they are not practiced in society. Our children are doing as they have seen! We, as a people, must accept the burden of responsibility for much of the ills we see demonstated by our young people. We must have enough faith in God and His word, to turn the corner and say “no mas!” Laws will NOT stem the tide, the courts certainly have not, nor have strong police departments (as well-intended as these may be). Jesus stated clearly, and for eternal reason, “I am the way, the truth and the life…” In that truth lies the answer!

  2. A lawyer stood up and asked Jesus: “What must I do?” Answer: “Love God, love your neighbor.” And from a position of empowerment, the lawyer asked: “Who’s my neighbor?” Here is where the sensibilities of those who think themselves to be righteous gets turned on its head — those we so easily overlook and pass by (all the while doing our religious duty and positing profound theological — often tautological — answers) are our neighbors. The Wes Moore cast aside by society IS the neighbor God presents to us. Our reaction to such as these is Jesus’ criteria for evaluating our love of God.

  3. Interesting. It also goes back to a whole generation or so who have not been properly catechized. Perhaps they were “sacramentalized” but not “catechized.” How do we pass on our faith if we do not know it well ourselves. Therefore, relativism and subjectivism and any other “ism” takes on life instead of Truth. The work of Satan to destroy Our Church.

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