Emmaus and God’s Promise

One of my favorite post-resurrection appearances is Jesus’ encounter with the two men on the road to Emmaus. It is a passage I have prayed with very many times.

The other day, my friend John Freund sent me a link to a film titled Road to Emmaus that he was using in a retreat he gave this past weekend. The film begins with a relatively quick sequence of the events leading to Jesus’ death and then picks up with the two disciples who are on the road to Emmaus, for most of the 30 minutes of the film fleshing out Luke’s Gospel account of the walk to Emmaus and Jesus appearance to the disciples.

Watching the film would be a half hour well spent. I came away with a different and richer vision of the encounter between the disciples and Jesus’ as “he interpreted to them the things about himself in all the scriptures” than I have had when I prayed with the scene. A greater sense of the disciples questions…and their growing understanding of the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection. The creators of the film didn’t necessarily explain everything in terms that make me completely comfortable, but that didn’t detract from what I found overall to be a powerful visualization of this scene I so love.