Bittersweet Partings

Yesterday we had the farewell mass and reception for Tom Mengler, who steps down this month as dean of UST Law School, a position he has held for the last ten years. Tom is leaving to become the President of St. Mary’s University.

Whenever we say good-bye to someone who has been a good friend, a faithful steward, and a strong leader, we have mixed reactions. We are grateful for the time we had and wish him or her the best in their new endeavor, but we are sad to see them depart from our midst. A part of us would like those we love and enjoy working and being with us to always stay with us – particularly those with whom we have been engaged in a joint endeavor.

Yet, if we are a people committed to follow the call of God, wherever that may lead us, we live with the comings and goings. We know that the ultimate endeavor is God’s and that each of us have a role in God’s plan of salvation. So if we stay true to our call, well then, some of us leave New York to move to Minneapolis. Some leave Minneapolis to move to Texas. Some go even further afield…I think of my friends Marcia and Doug, who are spending this year in Rwanda, or my friend Aidan, posted in Bolivia.

The comings and goings can be difficult, but they are made easier by knowing that we are all part of God’s plan, and that in that, we are all united, whether physically proximate or not.


3 thoughts on “Bittersweet Partings

  1. We are all fortunate to have this institution that he played such a role in building up…. maybe the ultimate compliment is that he did such a good job that we are confident it will continue in its mission without him.

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