Reflections on Jesus’ Post-Resurrection Appearances: Mark

Last night was the first of a four-session program sponsored by Christ the King and St. Thomas Apostle parishes in Minneapolis titled Reflections on Jesus’ Post-Resurrection Appearances. Each week we will examine the final passages of one of the four Gospels and prayerfully reflect on how the early Christian community experienced the Risen Christ and what that means in our lives.

I am co-presenting the series with Bill Nolan, Pastoral Associate at STA parish. Last night our focus was St. Mark’s Gospel, with Bill taking the lead and offering the reflection.

Bill began by talking about the authorship of the Gospel and about the time in which is was written, stressing the sense of urgency in Mark’s Gospel. After a pause during which we read the Gospel aloud and allowed participants to share a word or phrase that struck them during the reading, Bill shared ideas about the “short” and “long” versions of the ending of the Gospel. We spent some time talking about the reaction of those who saw Jesus and about the pattern of appearance/disbelief in the longer ending. Toward the latter part of the session we invited participants to talk in small groups about some of the discussion questions we distributed.

You can access a recording of Bill’s talk here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast runs for 25:57. There is a break at about 6:32, where I paused the recorder while we read the Gospel passage aloud and asked participants to share a word or phrase that struck them.) A copy of the handout we distributed with some questions for further reflection and sources for further reading is here. We also distributed to the participants a copy of the Gospel passages for the entire four-week program, which you can find here.

Next Wednesday evening, I will take the lead, giving a talk focusing on the final chapter of St. John’s Gospel. (In contrast to the brevity of Mark’s account, John spends two chapters talking about Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances.) If you are in the Twin Cities area, please join us. If not, look for the podcast here next week.


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