The End of Lent

Yesterday was the last session of the Lent Retreat in Daily Living I offered at UST Law School this lenten season. As always, it was a privilege to be able to guide the participants in their prayer during these weeks of Lent.

After the participants spent some time sharing a bit of their prayer epxerience of the past week, I spoke about the events that follow Jesus’ death. I did so because I think it is important, as we approach the end of Lent, to go through Holy Week remembering that the passion and death of Jesus is not the final piece of the story that began with Jesus’ incarnation. I focused in my talk on what the Resurrection, Ascension and Coming of the Spirit mean for us as disciples.

Although yesterday was our last gathering as a group, I gave the participants prayer material for this week and next. As I said during my talk, Christians (and especially Catholics) are great at Lent, but we sometimes forget to focus attention on what happens following Easter. And so I encouraged them to really take some time with the Post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus (which will be the subject of a four-week program I’m co-presenting at St. Thomas Apostle beginning the Wednesday after Easter).

You can access a recording of my talk here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast runs for 20:43.) A copy of the prayer material for this week of prayer is here.


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