Lent as Pilgrimage: A Weekend Retreat for Women

As I mentioned in a a prior post, last weekend I gave a weekend women’s lent retreat at St. Ignatius Retreat House in Manhasset, where I served as a staff associate until my move to Minneapolis in 2007. Many of the women who participated attend this particular retreat weekend year after year, and it has been my blessing and privilege to lead them in the retreat four of the last five years. It is always a very special weekend for me.

This year, my them was A Lenten Pilgrimage. Pilgrimage is a wonderful image, not only for Lent, but for our lives as Christians: We are, for the entirety of our lives, on a holy journey toward full union with God.

In my opening talk on Friday evening, I talked about why I think pilgrimage is a good image for our lives and for our Lenten journey. We also spent some time that evening focusing on our own journey thus far. On Saturday, inspired by the Canterbury Tales, my motif was that or narrative, considering in our three sessions, respectively, Tales of Discipleship, False Steps on the Pilgrims’ Trail, and Jesus Tale. We ended Saturday evening with a powerful ritual of coming to the cross. Sunday morning, we reflected on what it means to be Pilgrims in a Post-Resurrection World.

I recorded the five talks I gave at the retreat. You can download the podcasts of each of the five talks here. (After this week, i.e., after new podcasts start to be posted, go to March archives to find these most easily.) Or, you can listen to the talks at the icons below. (Note that for copyright reasons, the podcast does not include songs I played for the participants.) You can find the prayer material for several of the sessions here.

Friday evening: Introduction – Pilgrimage as a Metaphor for Our Lives:

Saturday morning: Tales of Discipleship:

Saturday afternoon: False Steps on the Pilgrim’s Trail:

Saturday evening: Jesus Tale:

Sunday morning: Pilgrimage in a Post-Resurrection World: