Missteps on the Path of Discipleship

Yesterday was the third gathering of the Lent Retreat in Daily Living I’m offering at UST Law School. As always, we began by giving participants time to share in small groups something about this past week prayer experience.

The reflection this week was given by my friend and colleague Mark Osler. Our focus for this week and next is on what we can learn from those who were present during Jesus’ life, particularly during his last days. We can learn as much by those who took some misteps along the way as well as from those who are top-flight models of discipleship.

Mark Osler focuses on those actors who played some role in the arrest, trial and execution of Jesus. Judas, the informant. Peter, who denied Christ. Caiaphas, the prosecutor. Pilate, who followed crowd, even though it meant doing what he knew to be wrong. The soldiers. The mob. In each case, Mark pointed out the humanness of their reaction, countering our tendency to look at those we tend to criticize and see them as separate and apart from us.

You can access a recording of Mark’s talk here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast runs for 28:40.) A copy of the prayer material for this week of prayer is here.


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