Trust in God

St. Ignatius’ Suscipe is part of my prayer every day – a prayer that acknowledges that God’s love and grace are all we need. Take everything – my liberty, my memory, all of it – because your love and grace are enough.

The Merton Institute posted a reflection last week that was Merton’s version of that sentiment, and it is worth sharing. In Thoughts in Solitude, Merton writes

Let my trust be in Your mercy, not in myself. Let my hope be in Your love, not in health, or strength, or ability or human resources.

If I trust You, everything else will become, for me, strength, health, and support. Everything will bring me to heaven. If I do not trust You, everything will be my destruction.

It conveys a slightly different flavor than the Suscipe, but the reminder is an important one. If I trust in God, everything else will sort itself out. And if I don’t, nothing will.

As Merton prayers, let me grow in my trust in God, not in myself.


2 thoughts on “Trust in God

  1. Suscipe is also part of my daily prayer. Thank you for the Merton prayer here. I am in dire need of trusting. This comes just at the right time.

  2. To trust unconditionally is a blessed virtue – acceptance of “gifts” received, especially those not of our first choice, often challenging – the alternative, less desirable.

    Though, as trying as life may be, God’s love, comfort and mercy is not attached to absolutes – No matter how black the night, the sun rises each new day – though cloudy skies may appear and another night certain, we are never abondoned.

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