A Dialogue on Faith and Works

On Wednesday, Mark Osler and I had the third of our Mid-Day Dialogues on Faith. The first two were on Assessing the Value of Creeds and Intercession.

Like the first two, this was a lively and wonderful discussion. And like the others, I’m not sure who benefitted more: the audience or me and Mark.

Neither Mark nor I view faith and works as an either/or proposition, both believing that both faith and works are important. We also share an appreciation that what constitutes “works” varies tremendously by individual; we all have different gifts and different ways of trying to be Christ in the world.

There are, however, some differences in the way we view faith and works. In thinking about my own talk and listening to Mark’s one of the things I observed is that, while we both worry about the extremes: a focus on faith without works or works over faith, the locus of our primary worry is different. I tend to worry more about the danger of emphasizing faith over works and Mark over the alternative. We also both are cognizant of where there is imbalance between those two in our own lives.

You can access a recording of the program here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast, which contains only Mark’s and my comments and not the Q&A/discussion that followed, runs for 28:36.)