The Event that Changes Everything

Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace to people of good will!

Today we celebrate the Incarnation. The Word becomes flesh and makes his dwelling among us. Not the most important event in the Christian faith. (That would be Easter.) But an event that changes everything.

God becomes human, allowing us a share of God’s divine nature. God becoming human, giving us a taste of what it means to live a fully human life.

The incarnation of Jesus tells us both who we are and who we can be – participants in God’s grand plan. A few years ago, I quoted an excerpt from Ian Oliver’s poem, A Christmas Prayer. The message is important enough to share again:

If God can lie down in a cattle-trough,
Is any object safe from transformation?
If peasant girls can be mothers to God,
Is any life safe from the invasion of the eternal?
If all this could happen, O God,
What places of darkness on our eath
Are pregnant with light waiting to be born this night?

Everything is changed. Nothing is safe from transformation. No one removed from the invasion of the eternal. All darkness is pregnant with light waiting to be born. And each of us has a task in bringing that about.

A blessed and merry Christmas to all.


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