Come To the Silence

Advent is just about over and tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Even for those of us who have managed to find time for prayer during these last few weeks of Advent, this last day or so before Christmas can turn into a frenzied rush of activity. Those last few gifts we need to buy. The presents that still need to be wrapped. The baking still to be done. For some, there will be travel today or tomorrow morning. For others, last minute work projects that simply must be done before the week is out.

Times like this, when it is hardest to do so, are the times we need to take a few moments to still our minds and our hearts. To let go of the activity, the noise, the frenzy and to simply rest in silence with God.

Give yourself the gift of silence today. Even if it is only for five minutes. (Surely, as busy as you are, there are five minutes you can give to yourself?) If you need an invitation to do so, here is one from God, written by an unknown author, that I received by e-mail yesterday. I hope you will accept it.

And God said…

Come to the silence, life is so loud – And your soul needs a break from the clock and the crowd.

Come to the silence, And let my love start, To heal all life’s hurts, And comfort your heart

Come to the silence, Be calm and be still, Just rest in my arms – for today, that’s my will…

Come to the silence, In search of my peace, Gently your doubts and your fears will all cease.

Come to the silence – Here, take my hand, Have you forgotten, that I understand?


One thought on “Come To the Silence

  1. A reflection in silence on your question, “What gift will you offer?”

    It was an evening call most unexpected,
    From a family seeking solution to their design plight.
    Their dream, a kitchen and dining room make-over,
    Far too busy was I to offer any help or insight.

    A referral, would it be my first to decline?

    A whisper heard on the way to their home,
    An inspiration and nudge to pay it forward.
    His brother’s family, a client valued, their guest
    To a special evening as a referral reward.

    Design hours mine, matching charity – they to provide.

    An Advent enjoyed, preparations complete, all but a tree.
    A first Christmas without a fir freshly cut was my choice.
    The savings, gifted to a family member seeking employment.
    Something extra, as her loved ones gather and rejoice.

    A “Charlie Brown” tree for me, contemplated and story shared.

    From my new clients a surprise did I soon receive.
    “Speaking of Christmas, we have 2 adults and three kids
    Who LOVE to decorate for Christmas. If you would let us,
    We would love to bring a tree by your house and decorate it.”

    A Balsam Fir proudly stands watch over my little sparse tree.
    A gift unexpected from loved ones of mine…

    As we knee before the Crèche, may we ask for God’s blessings to allow our hearts to remain open to the joys of giving during the Christmas Season and throughout the New Year. Many of His gifts are most unexpected. For it is in giving that we truly receive…

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