God’s Desire for Incarnation – Advent Retreat in Daily Living (Week 2)

Today was the second gathering of the Advent Retreat in Daily Living at UST Law School. Despite the fact that it is the last week of classes before exams, we had a good turnout of students, along with faculty and staff and others.

The theme of the upcoming week’s prayer is God’s Desire for Incarnation. We began, as always, by giving the participants time to share in small groups a little of their experience of the past week of prayer with the prophets.

After the sharing, I talked about God’s plan of salvation, as told through the genealogy the begins St. Matthew’s Gospel. (Raymond Brown suggests that this one reading in itself contains the essential theology of the Old and the New Testament that the whole Church – Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant – should proclaim.) After my talk, we had some good comments from participants, including views about what it means that Jesus descends from the line of Joseph when Joseph himself had no biological part in Jesus’ incarnation.

You can access a recording of my talk here or stream it from the icon below. (The podcast runs for 26:55.) You can find a copy of this week’s prayer material here.