A Thanksgiving Prayer

If you do a search of my prior blog posts for “gratitude,” you’ll come up with quite a few, for it is something I speak of often. My daily Igantian Examen includes giving thanks for all of the gifts of that day and in talks I give, I often express my belief that if the only change we could make would be to replace an attitude of entitlement with one of thanksgiving and gratitude, that alone would change everything, making the world an infinitely better place.

While gratitude should be part of our daily prayer practice, today, Thanksgiving Day, is a day on which we collectively offer our thanks for all of our many blessings.

Recognizing that many people will go this day without good, we give thanks for the food we will eat this day.

Recognizing that many people lack adequate shelter, we give thanks or the warmth of our homes.

Recognizing that many people are without jobs, we give thanks for the job we have (and that it gave us a day off to celebrate this holiday).

Recognizing that many people will spend the day alone, we give thanks for the friends and family we will be with this day.

And as we give thanks for all of the many blessings we have been given, let us pray in a special way for those who are not as fortunate as ourselves…

…those who will wake up on the cold street or who will go to sleep on an empty stomach.

…those who are jobless or who work two and three jobs and still can not make ends meet.

…those who do not experience the loving embrace and support of family and friends.

And let us think of ways we might share our bounty with them.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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