Giving To Meet the Needs of Our Brothers and Sisters

Two mornings ago, I noticed frost for the first time on the grass and bushes, a reminder that the cold weather of winter is one the way.

It is important that we also remember that cold weather means an even more difficult time for those of our brothers and sister who struggle with no or inadequate housing, lack of warm clothing, lack of funds for adequate medical care and not enough to eat. (For me, cold weather reminds me of the winter I spent many years ago working in a legal services office, where my clients faced eviction every day and I had nightmare night after night of my clients being thrown out into the cold.)

That means we all need to dig a little deeper in our giving to aid those less fortunate then ourselves. The judgment passage in Matthew 25 reminds us that what we do for the least of our brothers and sisters we do for Christ.

I know that this is a tough time for many people. But I was impressed by something when I attended the Christian Legal Society annual meeting a few weeks ago. At the general session for law students, the students were told that they all should give something to support the efforts of CLS – even if they were in debt, even if they were struggling financially. That they should give at least a dollar – to begin to establish the habit of giving every year…in whatever amount they could.

I know that I can give a lot more than many other people can without it hurting. But I also believe we can all give something…even my students who I often see walking around with Starbucks or Caribou coffee. Give up one coffee a week and donate that if that is all you can afford.

We can all give something. And we must all give something. The needs of our brothers and sisters are great. The needs of Christ are great.