Finding God in All Things

At the Christian Legal Society Annual meeting, there is a special set of workshops for law students on one day of the conference. During that day, I gave two sessions of a mini-retreat for the studnets. The idea was to give them an experience of the kind of Mid-Day Reflections I offer at the University of St. Thomas Law School and then give them some advice on how they might offer programs of that type at their own law schools and see how I might assist them in doing so.

The theme of the program was Finding God in All Things. The reality is that God is present in every moment and in every place. And in each moment of our existence, God keeps reaching out to communicate with us, to draw us into an awareness, a consciousness of God’s presence.

In my talk, I spoke about the reality of God’s presence in each of us and in the world. I then shared with them two type of prayer to help deepen their awareness of God’s presence in their lives: an Ignatian examen and what some of us sometimes refer to as praying with our graced history. After introducing the two prayers, I led the students on a guided reflection, after which they shared a little about their experience with the prayer and I addressed any questions they had. Finally we talked about ways they might offer similar programs at their law schools.

You can find the podcast to my talk here. The podcast runs for 40:52, the last 8-10 minutes of which is the guided reflection.