This Little Light of Mine

At a recent Mass I attended, the Pre-K/Kindergarten Children’s Choir sang This Little Light of Mine during the Offertory. It was sweet in that way that young children’s choirs always are.

I had never heard anything other than the first verse of the song – “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let is shine…” I have no idea if the other verses they sang are traditional or were the work of the choir director, but they sang three other verses:

Hide it under a bushel, No. I’m gonna let it shine…

Don’t let anyone blow it out, I’m gonna let it shine…

Share my life with others, Yes. I’m gonna let it shine…

The lyrics are hardly sophisticated or deep, yet somehow they touched me. In their simplicity they convey a set of instructions for all of us.

It is not enough to simply let our light shine. As Jesus said, we can’t hide that light under a bushel. And there as something in the emphatic and joyful “NO” of the children that somehow provided an encouragement to let that light shine from the rooftops.

And, we need to guard our light. There are forces in the world that will seek to dampen our light.

Finally, the reminder that all we do, we do for the life of the world. Our light is to be shared with others. YES!