I Believe in the Holy Spirit

Yesterday was the fourth meeting at the University of St. Thomas of the Fall reflection series on the creed I am offering at UST, at St. John’s Episcopal and at St. Hubert this fall. Our focus this week is on the third section of the creed, in which we express our belief in the Holy Spirit.

Fundamentally, to say that “I believe in the Holy Spirit” says that I believe that the spirit of God is present and alive in the world today; I believe that the spirit of God resides in me and I believe that the spirit of God resides in us. This past Sunday, I spoke about each of those, after which we had (as always) a wonderful conversation in which others shared their reactions to my talk and the material they had prayed with this past week.

Yesterday at St. Thomas we began the session (as we usually do) by giving the participants time to share in small groups a little bit about their prayer experience during this past week.

After the sharing, my colleague Chato Hazelbaker, who comes from an Evangelical tradition, shared some reflections on what this portion of the creed means for him. He shared some very personal experiences that help him afffirm his belief in the Holy Spirit and about what it means to say that the Holy Spirit is in us, with a particular emphasis on the way in which the Spirit seeks to guide (or “recalibrate”) us.

This week, I am again linking two podcasts. You can stream the podcast of both the talk Chato gave yesterday and the one I gave at St. John’s Episcopal this past Sunday. (Note that on Chato’s there is a brief delay between the end of my introduction of Chato and when he begins speaking.) You can also download the talks here (Chato’s talk, which runs for 27:34) and here (my talk, which runs for 15:15). You can find a copy of the prayer material the participants will pray with this week here.

Chato’s talk:

My talk:


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