How God Values Us

Over the years, I’ve seen the same short analogy posted on various spiritual sites as a way to remind us of how God values us. I saw it again yesterday.

The analogy is to a hundred dollar bill. And the story simply goes: “As a brand new $100 bill, it is worth $100. As a crumpled old $100 bill, it is still worth $100.

It conveys in a simple way a message it is essential for us to get: Our value to God is never diminished. God loves us unconditionally and endlessly. God cannot love us any more or any less than God already does. As we read in Isaiah, we are precious and honored in God’s sight and that can never change.

It is true that we are imperfect. It is true that we behave badly sometimes. But we are near and dear to God always, even when we sin.

If we could really get that message, it would make an enormous difference to us.