I just returned from several days in Appleton, Wisconsin, where my husband and I dropped our daughter to begin her college studies at Lawrence University, where she will do a five-year double degree program with their Conservatory and College. We moved her into her dorm yesterday morning and participated in various orientation events before the parent send-off just before noon today.

Surprising myself, I shed virtually no tears when we said our good-byes. Some combination of my excitement at the adventure Elena is about to begin and my conviction that she is more than ready for this new phase of her life managed to overshadow any feelings of sadness. I know that I will miss her tremendously – in addition to being the daughter I love, she is an incredibly wonderful young woman whose company I enjoy a great deal. But I am so excited for her and it was wonderful to watch her settling in.

Still, there will be adjustments for all of us. There are always unanticipated stresses and fears as we all settle into lives that are different than they were before.

Transitions are never easy. But I approach this one with gratitude for our love and closeness and with knowledge that we have sent Elena off with “roots and wing”. And we send her off, of course (and helping an enormous amount) filled with security that God walks with her on each step she takes.


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