Finding Purpose in Your Life and Career

Our first year law students are in Orientation Week at the Law School. As part of that, I offered a mid-day reflection on the theme of Finding Purpose in your Life and Career. Since I like to think of law school as a three-year process of discerning who the students will be int he world, it seemed a good topic for them to reflect on during these first days of their life as law students.

I talked about the meaning of vocation and about the difference between “discernment” and “deciding.” I also talked about three questions (which I borrow from Michael Himes) that are useful in helping to filter out other voices from the call of God as they move through the discernment process. The questions are: What are my gifts? What brings my joy? and What does the world need form me?

After my talk, I invited the students to spend some time reflecting on the first of those questions: What are my gifts? After that period of reflection, we had some small group sharing and then a discussion among the whole group.

You can access a recording of the talk here. (The podcast runs for 21:01). You can find all Creo en Dios! podcasts here.


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