“May I Never Seek Nor Choose to be Other than You Intend Me to Be”

Not wanting to go indoors when a few rain drops began to fall the other day, I looked around and noticed a swing that was set inside a sheltered area on the retreat house grounds. I sat on the swing for a while, although the rain never really materialized beyond those few drops.

As I got up to walk out of the gazebo, I noticed a prayer on a plaque near the entrance. Written by Sr. Marie Schwann CSJ, it beautifully conveys the essence of the Principle and Foundation of St. Ignatius. I share it with the hope that you find it a fitting prayer for you day.

Lord, my God, when Your love spilled over into creation,
You thought of me.
I am from love, of love, for love.
Let my hearts, O God, always recognize, cherish
and enjoy your goodness in all of creation.
Direct all that is me to your praise.
Teach me reverence for every person, all things.
Energize me in your service.
Lord God, may nothing ever distract me from your love…
neither health nor sickness
wealth nor poverty
honor nor dishonor
long life nor short life.
May I never seek nor choose to be other than you intend me to be.