Anxiety and Simple Prayer

Very few of us don’t have occasions of anxiety. Sometimes over big things, but often over quite small things. Things that won’t really affect our lives significantly. Things that will work themselves out if we just let them alone a bit. But still they create anxiety in us.

A natural response to that anxiety is prayer. Sometimes a little chat with God during such situations helps restore calm. Sometimes, however, we are so anxious – so caught up in our anxiety – that the words come too fast…or don’t come at all.

I was touched the other day by a status line on Facebook posted by my friend Elizabeth. She reported that she had been lying in a hotel bed sleepless, anxious about some job-related issue. With her permission, I share her beautiful approach to dealing with that anxiety:

To return to a state of gratitude and calm, I said a friend’s name, and then another, and felt a smile on my face; said another, and beamed with pleasure; and as I went through all of your names like a litany, found myself overcome with grace. Blessings, all.

As Elizabeth observed in her post: “How simple prayer can be.”