Age of Integrity and Wisdom

Wednesday evening, I offered the reflection at a Taize prayer service at Summerwood of Chanhassen, an senior living facility run by Presbyterian Homes and Services. The service was amazingly well attended for a summer evening.

My theme was Age of Integrity and Wisdom, borrowing Erikson’s description of the state of life of those aged 65 and older as the “age of integrity” or the “age of wisdom.” In my reflection, I talked about the fact that part of this stage of integrity and wisdom is the ability to look back over one’s life in gratitude – examining how one has grown through everything one has experienced and realizing where God was in places we may not have noticed God’s presence before. I also talked about some of the functions and benefits of the look-back process.

You can listen to a recording of the reflection here. (The podcast runs for 9:54.) The readings that were part of our service, which I reference during my talk are here.


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