St. Benedict’s, Here I Come

Three times in the past year, I’ve spent time at St. Benedict’s Monastery as part of their Visiting Scholars Program. As I’ve written before, it is a wonderful place to write: a comfortable apartment and a wonderful office away from the normal interruptions, long days of work punctuated by Mass and Liturgy of the Hours, the wonderful hospitality of the nuns who live and work at the monastery, and beautiful grounds for head-clearing walks.

I’ll leave the house shortly for my fourth visit of the year. This one is a bit different since my daughter Elena will be joining me so that she has the time and space to work on a short story she has been writing; we’re told (not surprisingly) that she will be the youngest Visiting Scholar the St. Benedict’s program has had. It will be fun to be working on our separate projects, but still being together at the Monastery.

My task for the five days we’ll be there is to do some final work on the meditations and commentary that form the guts of the book I am writing that adapts Tibetan Buddhist analytical meditations for Christians. Oxford University Press will be publishing the book and I am to deliver to them the final manuscript on August 1…which is not all that far off.

This book is near to my heart and I believe it will be something that will benefit many people. I would be grateful for your prayers for both me and Elena during our time there.