Stations of the Cross (Part 2) – Lent Retreat in Daily Living, Week 6

This week was the sixth and penultimate gathering of the Lent Retreat in Daily Living I’m offering at the University of St. Thomas School of Law and at St. Hubert’s Catholic Community. At both venues, we began our sessions, as always, with the participants sharing with each other the experiences they had last week praying with the first seven Stations of the Cross.

This week the retreatants will again be praying with the Stations of the Cross, this time focusing on the last seven stations. In my talk I addressed each of them. For each, I offered some thoughts on the station, and also identified different questions or areas of reflection the incident might invite us to. As they did last week, the prayer material for each day included scriptural references (for those stations having a clear scriptural reference), an image corresponding to that station, some reflection questions for each station, and a version of the stations prayers that I find particularly powerful.

As I emphasized to the retreatants, we are walking with Jesus in his passion this week, trying to enter into his suffering. So the emphasis in prayer is being with Jesus. To be sure, we want to reflect on what the station means in terms of our own lives, but always – front and center – should be the experience of Jesus, and what we learn from that.

You can stream the podcast from the icon below or can download it here. (The podcast runs for 20:12.) Although I already linked to this last week, you can find a copy of the prayer material for praying with each of the foureen Stations here.


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