Receiving Christ

In honor of the Solemnity of the Annunciation yesterday, on the way home from work I listened to Danielle Rose’s Let it Be Done Unto Me, a beautiful song of the Annunciation. (I wrote about the song once before, here.)

What struck me this time was the final stanza of the song, which goes:

She said yes to the Father
Yes to the unborn
Yes with all her strength
Yes to God alone
The First Holy Communion took place that blessed day
Christ came into her body
When Mary chose to say
When Mary chose to say…
Let it be done unto me

I wonder sometimes whether receiving Communion hasn’t become commonplace or routine for us. We go up and, probably with very little thought, say “Amen” when the Priest or Minister of Communion says “The Body of Christ.”

As I listened to the last stanza and its allusion to First Holy Communion – particularly the idea the Christ came into Mary’s body when she said “let it be done unto me,” my thought was this. What difference might it make if each time we received Communion, we consciously said to ourselves, “Let it be done unto me”? Doing so might just make us more conscious of the fact that we are consenting to receiving Christ into our being, consenting to the transformative power of God.

There is nothing commonplace or routine about it.