God’s Nature

My pneumonia has taken a lot out of me the past few days, making any work or serious reading impossible. Poetry, however, has not been impossible. Simple images to convey profound thoughts.

I thought I’d share one this morning from St. Thomas Aquinas that has always resonated with me. Titled God’s Nature, it speaks a beautiful truth on that subject:

Sometimes we think what we are saying about God
is true when in fact
it is not.

It would seem of value to differentiate between what is
God’s nature and what is false about Love.

I have come to learn that the truth never harms
or frightens.

I have come to learn that
God’s compassion and light can never be limited;

thus any God who could condemn is
not a God at all

but some distrubing image in the
mind of a

we best ignore, until we
can cure the


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