“Thanks for Snow”

As anyone who knows me knows, I’m not a big fan of winter. I hate the cold and I’m not all that fond of snow either. So a forecast of more snow generally has me grumbling.

The grumbling, of course, accomplishes nothing except to put me in a negative state of mind. That really hit home with me when I read a reflection today sent by my colleague Jennifer Wright to all of the participants of our last vocation retreat weekend. (Each week one of those who were part of the weekend shares with the group a reflection and something for which we are grateful.) When I read it I smiled, realizing it offered a far better response than the one to which I naturally incline.

With her permission, here is what Jennifer wrote:

I want to give thanks for snow. For the way it appeals to all the senses. It delights the eyes, as it drifts gently down, as its crystals lie in stark beauty on your coat sleeve, as it shines and glitters in the sunlight. It rests on the evergreens, accentuating their beauty. It smooths the hills and valleys into gentle curves with blue shadows. It delights the ear, as it hushes all sound to a breathless space of mysterious expectation and awe. It pleases the smell, with a subtle, unique tang of wildness, freshness and cleanness. It enchants the taste, with the unique sharp-edged non-flavor that always yanks me back into childhood (but watch out for that yellow snow!). it rejoices the touch, with its softness, coldness, exhilarating aliveness. It provides a visual metaphor of God’s outrageous bounty as it comes down, foot after foot after foot (five feet so far this year – two or three more to come!). It makes us slow down our single-focus rush through life and experience the moment, this moment! – especially if we don’t want to wind up in a ditch. Praise be to God for snow!

So if you see some flakes coming down today, give thanks for the snow!