The Value of Small Contributions

I was thinking last night about yesterday’s Gospel, in which Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to a mustard seed “that, when it is sown in the ground, is the smallest of all the seeds on the earth. But once it is sown, it springs up and becomes the larges of plants and puts forth large branches, so that the birds of the sky can dwell in its shade.”

As I reflected on the words, several things came into my mind, seemingly at the same time:

The saying of Mother Teresa’s that we needn’t go great things, only small things with great love.

Something someone wrote in my autograph book when I graduated grade school: “When through one [person] a litttle more love and goodness, a little more light of the truth, comes into the world, then that [person’s] life has had meaning.”

And something I frequently observed when I was a Buddhist, that each step is a step toward wisdom or toward ignorance, toward compassion or toward anger.

Each in its own way conveys the same message as the mustard seed – every small contribution we make has meaning, is worthwhile. It is an important message.

We – or at least I – sometimes (or often) worrry about whether we are doing enough. Our work on behalf of the Kingdom seem so small, especially when there seems so much to be done. Such feelings can make us discouraged, which can make it hardr for us to even take small steps.

It helps combat those feelings to remember that all we need do is do what we can in each moment. If we do that, we don’t have to measure how big our act was. If we make our contribution, as little as it may at times be, God will help it grow.


One thought on “The Value of Small Contributions

  1. How encouraging Susan! Thank you for affirming us to be faithful to our calling to small deeds, relationships with the powerless and dependence on God’s power.

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