Reflecting on Hope

Last night was one of our monthly Taize prayer services at St. Hubert’s. I always love these services. Particularly during busy times, they are a wonderful way to come rest with God for a while.

In addition to song, periods of silence and readings, one of us offers a reflection at each service. Last night, the reflection was delivered by Lynn Arnal, our faith formation supervisor. Her theme was hope and she spoke in her reflection both of the importance of hope in our lives and or our role in spreading hope to others.

Lynn selected some wonderful readings for our service. I include two of them here you may wish to reflect on today.

“To that hope we now turn. Faith stories that provide a “home” for people of Christian traditions offer stunning and startling promises. They are the ingredients of hope. God’s gracious and mysterious love for the world and for each of us cannot be extinguished. So speaks the resurrection. That love assumes bodily form. So speaks the incarnation. God’s power and presence, seeking the healing and liberation of all, is breathed into us. We are empowered to be body of Christ on Earth, to move toward living as we are called to live.” (Cynthia D. Moe-Lobeda)

“The hope offered in the Gospel is “an anchor for the soul,” the source of one’s innermost cohesion regardless of tempestuous life circumstances. It is worth some reflection, then, to ponder how hope does its work. In a profound sense, a hope fulfilled retroactively charges the past with a significance it could not otherwise have and the anticipation of fulfilled hope is an ongoing participation in that significance.” (David P. Hoover)