And the Word Became Flesh

We can argue about whether the signs should read Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. We can engage in billboard wars. We can bemoan the loss of this tradition or that. We can occupy ourselves with all sorts of things.

But ultimately what matters is this: “the Word became flesh and made his dwelling upon us.”

God becomes human, revealing a love so deep that God is willing to share everything with us. Giving us a blueprint of what it means to be a human being fully alive. Showing us the way.

As John testified to the light that was to come into the world, we continue to testify to that light by who we are in the world. As we pray in the opening prayer for the Christmas Mass at Dawn, “We are filled with the new light by the coming of your Word among us. May the light of faith sine in our words and actions.”

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and a wonderful time of celebration with family and friends.