Preparing Ourselves as a Dwelling for the Lord – Advent Retreat in Daily Living Week 3

This week was the third session of the Advent Retreat in Daily Living I’m offering at the University of St. Thomas. Despite the fact that we are approaching exams, I was pleased to see so many students still sticking with the retreat (along with some faculty and staff). As I’ve explained before, in a Retreat in Daily Living, participants commit themselves to a prayer each day and go about their daily lives as usual, coming together weekly for input and sharing.

This week our theme was Preparing Ourselves as a Dwelling for the Lord. We began our session with the participants sharing in small groups their experience of prayer during this past week We addressed some questions that came up in the course of the week. In my talk, I addressed questions relating to the internal transformation God asks of each of us. I addressed three questions: Do we want to be transformed?, Do we believe we can be transformed? and What is the conversion God asks of us? I then talked about the prayer material for the upcoming week, particalarly Matthew’s genealogy and the O Antiphons.

You can a podcast of my talk here. (The podcast runs for 19:45.) A copy of this week’s prayer materials is here. I hope some of you will pray along wiht us