Models of Advent – Advent Retreat in Daily Living, Week 2

This week was the second session of the Advent Retreat in Daily Living I’m offering at the University of St. Thomas. As I’ve explained before, in a Retreat in Daily Living, participants commit themselves to a prayer each day and go about their daily lives as usual. Prayer material relating to the theme of the retreat is provided for each day. In addition to a daily period of personal prayer, the participants in the retreat meet for an hour each week. During this time they share their experience of prayer in small groups and I offer input on the week’s theme and address questions that come up in the course the participants’ prayer. I also talk about the prayer material for the week following the session.

This week our theme was Models of Advent. After the participants shared in small groups their experience of prayer during this past week, I gave a talk on figures we hear about primarily in Luke’s and Matthew’s Gospels, who model various characteristics of discipleship for us. I talked about John the Baptist, Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, Simeon and Anna, and the Magi.

You can a podcast of my talk here. (The podcast runs for 18:22.) A copy of this week’s prayer materials is here.