Living with Purpose

Earlier this week I have a Mid-Day Reflection at the University of St. Thomas law school titled, Living with Purpose: Reconnecting with Our Life Values.

Starting from the premise that we are all called to participate in the creative action of God in the world, the purpose of the program was to encourage students and other participants to reflect on how we discern how we can contribute meaningfully to the world. What is our part in the continual act of co-creation of the world with God.

During my talk, I spoke first about work from the standpoint of Catholic Social Thought and about discernment. I then talked about the role of values in determining our vocation and, thus, the importance of identifying (and prioritizing) our life values. Finally I ended with a brief talk about another important piece of the dicernment task – desire. During course of the session we engaged one exercise aimed at identifying values and talked about another that addresses desire, which I invited participants to pray with following the session.

You can find a podcast of my talk here. (The podcast runs for 21:28.) There are several places where I paused the recording during an exercise the participants engaged in. The exercise is based on this set of value cards.

(You can find all Creo en Dios! podcasts here. They are also all listed on the podcast page of this blog.)