Info-Techno Sabbath

Following up on the theme of letting go of what we cling to that I wrote about yesterday, here is an idea for the weekend (or perhaps one day of the weekend) prompted by a post my friend John sent me. Take an info-techno Sabbath, that is, completely unplug for a 24-hour period – no computer, no iPad, no telephone.

The idea for the info-techno Sabbath comes from Keith Miller and he describes it like this: “The Sabbath . . . had two purposes: rest and remembrance of God. An info-techno Sabbath, as I dub it, has the same goals: rest for our minds and over stimulated senses and remembrance that life is bigger than the news stories, stock quotes, and sports scores. It’s bigger than our selves. There is, in fact, a God. And we are not it.”

What most drew me in the post talking about Miller’s idea was this paragraph:

“One of the most basic biblical insights,” says theologian J.I. Packer, “is that whatever controls and shapes one’s life is in effect the god one worships.” We consider it peculiar that Muslims stop five times a day to offer prayers to Allah, yet we stop what we do five times an hour to pay homage to our e-mail. For many of us, the one true god to whom we give our devotion is the deity known as IT: information technology.

Perhaps I was so struck by the paragraph because of how often I check my e-mail or stop to post something on Facebook. Go to the article I linked to above and see how much of the author’s tongue-in-cheek description of his wasting four hours on various computer related activities could describe you.

We need time with God. Quiet time. Uninterrupted time. No phones, no computers, no iPads. Just you and God. Try it.