Fall Reflection Series – The Eucharist (Take 2)

Although the Fall Reflection Series (“Jesus Speaks”) at the University of St. Thomas finished last week, the parallel series at St. Hubert’s began later and is now in its third week. This week was the third session at St. Hubert, Reflections on the Eucharist.

The week of the Eucharist session at St. Thomas, I was at St. Benedict’s and so my colleague Jennifer Wright facilitated the session. I previously posted a link to her talk (here), which shared some the fruits of her own meditations on scriptural passages related to the Eucharist.

My talk to the St. Hubert’s group focused on what it means to really believe that the Eucharist is the actual presence of Christ. If we truly believe that the Eucharist IS Jesus, than that changes everything for us and I talk about some of the implications of that belief for how we live our lives.

You can find the recording of the talk I gave here . (The podcast runs for 20:25.) Although I also posted them along with Jennifer’s talk, you can find here a copy of the prayer material related to the talk.

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