Fall Reflection Series – Reflections on the Eucharist

This week was the third session of the Fall Reflection Series I’m offering at the University of St. Thomas Law School, titled, “Jesus Speaks.” The series seeks to deepen our appreciation of fundamental Christian teachings drawn from the words of Christ.

The title of this week’s session was Reflections on the Eucharist. Since I was at St. Benedict’s this week, my colleague Jennifer Wright facilitated the session. In her talk to the retreatants, Jennifer shared some the fruits of her own meditations on scriptural passages related to the Eucharist. She offered five points for reflection, each of which one could profitably spend much time contemplating. I was particularly drawn to her discussion of Eucharist as representation of our union with Christ and each other and her comments on the Eucharist and Incarnation.

You can find the recording of the talk Jennifer gave this week at St. Thomas here . (The podcast runs for about 18:00.) You can find here a copy of the prayer material for this week.