Finding Time for Prayer

Just a short thought for today. Something for you to ponder. A couple of good questions to ask yourself.

Did you know that there are 1,440 minutes in a day? It’s true. I did the math. Did you also know that 1 percent of all that time is fourteen minutes and twenty-four seconds? What would happen if you made a conscious decision, every day, to exercise your soul by giving roughly fifteen minutes of your time over to God? Just 1 tiny percent of your life. Would your life change?

The person who wrote this – Gary Jansen in a book called Exercising Your Soul – did exactly that decided he could commit that small piece of his life to God. And, his experience was that it changed everything.

People tell me all of the time that they just can’t find time to pray. That their days are too hectic to be able to take time away from all of the things they have to do to sit quietly with God.

But when you look at the numbers it becomes harder to persuasively argue there is no time for God. Is is really the case that you can’t afford 1 percent of your time? Can you really not take 14 or 15 minutes of the day from your other activities and give it to God?

It could change everything. Why not find out?