Let Me See Only You

As I sat before the Blessed Sacrament in a church the other day, I found myself focusing intently on the monstrance on the altar and praying, “Lord, let me see only You.” For several moments, I, indeed saw only the monstrance, everything else fading into from my vision the way it does when you stare at something intently. When my eyes refocused a few moments later, I saw not only the monstrance, but everything and everyone else between me and it.

“Lord, let me see only You” could mean, let everything else but You fade from my vision. Let it just be me and You. But for Christians, “Lord, let me see only You” must mean let me see You in everything and everyone that I encounter. Not, let everything and everyone else fade from my vision so that it is just You and me having a grand old time together. Rather, let me see it all – but as though it were all You. Let me look upon it and them as I look upon You. Let me behave toward others as I would toward You. Let me love all everyone else as I love You. Let me see You when I see every other person I meet.

That’s not always easy, especially in moments when the other doesn’t look or act very much like we’d expect Jesus to look or act. But those may be the very moments when we need to pray most fervently, “Lord, let me see only You.”

Lord, let me see only You.