Love Intensely

Our first Mass reading all this week has been from the first Letter of St. Peter. In today’s reading, Peter instructs that “above all” we should “let [our] love for one another be intense, because love covers a multitude of sins.” And so he instructs us, for example, to be hospitable to each other without complaining, to use our gifts for the service and benefit of each other.

Presumably all of us who are walking a spiritual path desire to sin less. And we certainly want to be cognizant of those sins we do commit.

However, I think there is soundness to Peter’s advice, that is, in the suggestion that our focus is better put on loving more than on sinning less. If we are so busy loving each other (and I confess I love the phrasing of letting our love for each other be “intense”), it seems to me the sinning less part will take care of itself.

As I’ve suggested before, we have a tendency to make things complicated. Complicated solutions appeal to us. But it really is quite simple – love. Love each other. Love each other intensely.