I Am The Way

In today’s Gospel from St. John, Jesus says to Thomas, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” Those same words were part of Friday’s Gospel. That day I attended Mass in our law school chapel. The presider was my Dominican friend and colleague, Reggie Whitt.

Reggie contrasted the path of righteousness put forth by Moses with what Jesus offers. He described the path of righteousness of Moses along these lines: Go straight for two blocks, then take a left. At the next corner go right and take that road for three blocks. Go over the bridge, take another right, go through the tunnel and after three more blocks go left. The kind of path, he suggested, that “if you have it written down, you have a 50% chance of getting there.”

Jesus approach is different: Come on, I’ll take you. Walk with me, I”ll show you. Jesus walks with us and Jesus IS the way. Much harder to get lost if you are actually walking with the Way.

So it is with truth. Jesus does more than has the truth…does more than speak the truth. He IS the truth. Why would we look anyplace else?