Journey of Conversion: Lent Retreat – Week 7

Last night was the final gathering of those participating in the Lent Retreat in Daily Living I’m offering at St. Hubert. (The St. Thomas group finished last week, since the law school is on spring break this week.) As we do each week, the participants started by spending time in small groups, sharing something of their prayer experiences from this past week.

This past week, the participants began praying with Week 3 of the Exercises, which focuses on Jesus’ passion and death. This week, they will continue with Week 3 through Good Friday, spend Holy Saturday praying with the “Tomb Day” experience and then spend some days contemplating the Resurrection, before ending their retreat with an exercise known as the Contemplation for Learning to Love Like God.

During my talk, I spoke a little more about Week 3 of the Spiritual Exercises and then spoke about both praying with the Resurrection of Jesus and praying the Contemplation for Learning to Love Like God. In the course of that talk, I spoke about the prayer material I distributed, which will take the retreatants through the about two weeks of prayer.

You can find the recording of the talk I gave this week at St. Hubert here . (The podcast runs for 23:13.) You can find here a copy of the prayer material I distributed at our session.