The Raising of Lazarus

Although we are in Cycle C for scripture readings for Mass, parishes have the option on Sundays of using the Cycle A readings if they have adults preparing to receive the sacrament of Baptism at the Easter Vigil. Thus, although the “normal” Gospel reading for yesterday was Jesus’ encounter with the adulterous woman, about which I wrote yesterday, the optional Gospel reading was Jesus’ raising of Lazarus. Because of the importance of the Cycle A Gospels for Lent, the presider for our Monday liturgies at the University of St. Thoams has been using the Sunday Cycle A reading at that Mass.

John’s account of Jesus raising of Lazarus is a powerful passage and one I have prayed with often. To foster reflection on the passage, consider some questions offered by Creighton Online Ministries:

Where do I resent the losses in my life and somehow blame God for them, rather than seeing them as places where God’s glory will be revealed?

Where do I doubt that Jesus can bring life?

Jesus stands before the tomb weeping. He places no barriers to his feelings about death…Can I be with him there?

Jesus shouts the liberating words of life, “Lazarus, come forth!” How is he shouting that to me today?

Read John’s account and then take one or more of these questions and see where they take you.