Time (or is it Lent?) Marches On

Can it really be that we are at the end of the fourth week of Lent? It seems like Ash Wednesday was only a short time ago, yet here we are, a little more than a week away from the beginning of Holy Week.

For some of us, the realization that Lent is drawing to a close brings a sheepish look to our faces and a feeling of discomfort, as we think about the status of those Lenten resolutions we made some weeks ago. Many of us know we’re not in line to get awards for stellar adherence to the traditional Lenten practices.

But here’s the thing – no one benefits from sheepish looks or feelings of discomfort. Not us. Not our brothers and sisters. And certainly not God. So on this Saturday at the end of the fourth week of Lent, ask yourself simply:

How can I give Lent a new start today?

How can I be generous today?

Is there something I can abstain from today that might benefit those with whom I come in contact?

And then ask for God’s grace to implement the answers to those questions.