Too Much or Too Little?

Yesterday morning I attended a Worship Service at Wayzata Community Church, because the Chamber Choir my daughter sings in was singing at the service. They sing there several times a year and I always find the services to be meaningful experiences.

One of the things that drew me yesterday was the Prayer of Confession. The prayer were adapted from one written by Ted Loder, a retired Methodist minister who I had not before known of, but who has published several books of prayers.

The Leader began by praying:

Sometimes, Lord, it just seems to be too much;
too much violence, too much fear;
too much of demands and problems,
too much of broken dreams and broken lives.
Or maybe it is too little;
too little of compassion,
too little of courage, or daring, of persistence, or sacrifice;
too little of music and silence.

After some time of silence, we all prayed together:

O God, Your love is a wonder!
In Jesus, You forgive us all of our “too much,”
And you forgive us every “too little.” Amazing grace!
Now make of our lives some nourishment for these starved times,
Some food for our brothers and sisters who are hungry for gladness and hope,
And as You make us bread for them,
O God, do also fill our spirits.

The prayer was a perfect accompaniment to the (as always) wonderful sermon preached by the Senior Minister, John Ross, on the subject of sloth, defined by Ross as the failure to do right things by apathy or avoidance.

It is a good reminder: It is not just about what we do, but about what we don’t do.


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