The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek en and theos, which means inspired by or possessed by God. Not just excited, but inspired. The enthusiastic person is filled with the spirit.

James Martin, S.J., in a recent issue of America asks himself a challenging question.

“Whenever I meet young evangelicals talking excitedly about Jesus, I wonder, “Am I that enthusiastic?” I feel that I am, but do I convey that passion?”

There are really two questions in Martin’s statement: (1) Am I enthusiastic? and (2) Do I convey that enthusiasm? Both are good questions to ask ourselves. Am I enthusiastic about my faith? If not, why not? If I am enthusiastic, do I do a good enough job to convey that to the world? If the answer is no, what’s stopping me?

Martin goes on to say: “Christ is risen after all, and if we can’t be enthusiastic about that, then we have no business calling ourselves Christians.” Indeed.