God Loves Us First – A Reflection

Last night we had a lovely Taize prayer service at St. Hubert Church. It was a beautiful hour of song, readings, and prayer. During the service I gave a brief reflection on the theme of Reconciliation, using Luke’s account of Jesus’ encounter with the tax collector Zacchaeus as the starting point of my reflection.

The story of Zacchaeus reminds us of the important fact that God loves us first and always. That we need do nothing to earn God’s love. That God does not love us because we do something to earn that love. Rather, it is God’s love that allows us to respond in love and gratitude. During the reflection, I share how I came to understand this following my conversion back to Catholicism after my years as a Buddhist.

You can stream the reflection it from the icon below or can download it from here. (Remember that you can now also subscribe to Creo en Dios! podcasts on iTunes.) I apologize for the fact that I appear to have done something to the recorder that erased the last minute or two of the reflection, so it ends in mid-sentence.


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