Journey of Conversion: Lent Retreat – Week 2

This week was the second gathering of those participating in the Lent Retreat in Daily Living both at St. Hubert and at the University of St. Thomas. In the first part of our time together, the participants spent time in small groups, sharing something of their prayer experiences from this past week, which focused on getting in touch with God’s love for them and with both God’s desires for them during this retreat and their own desires.

We turn this week to a focus in our prayer on sin, not in an effort to beat ourselves up about how sinful we are, but to try to get a handle on our own patterns of sinfulness, on those things that allow us to be drawn away from God. During my talk, I spoke about sin and evil and about forgiveness. I also gave basic instruction in praying a daily examen, a prayer that is a useful addition to everyone’s daily prayer, but that is particularly useful during this period when we are focusing on sin. In the course of the talk, I went through the prayer material for the upcoming week.

Several people who are too distant geographically to join us for our weekly sessions are doing the retreat with us remotely. Even if you didn’t start last week, jump right in. If you do, feel free to contact me with any questions either as a comment here or via e-mail.

You can find the recording of the talk I gave this week at St. Thomas here . (The podcast runs for 25:14.) You can find here a copy of the prayer material for the second week of the retreat, as well as a couple of other handouts I distributed (which I refer to during the talk).