Praying for Our Brothers and Our Sisters

We continue to hear reports of the devastating effects of last week’s earthquake in Haiti. Many are on the ground in Haiti, offering medical and other assistance. Many more of us are able to donate financially. All of us, however are able to pray. Those prayers will continue to be needed for a long time, long after many people’s attention have moved onto somthing else. And so this day I share this prayer from the National Cathedral, and ask that we join in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Haiti:

Gracious God,
I lift my voice in prayer with all the people of the world.

Surround Haiti and her people
with your loving embrace
that they may be:

supported by the world in the work of rescue and recovery;
comforted as they grieve;
strengthened as they bury their dead;
healed as they tend their wounds;
restored in faith and the
hope of things unseen;
and transformed through newness of life in Christ.

Make me an instrument
of divine love, of mercy, of hope, and of new possibility.
Give me eyes to see,
ears to hear, the will to act, and a discerning and generous heart
that I may serve you and those who suffer in whatever way I am able.

In and through the power of the Holy Spirit, I pray. Amen.