What Must I Let Go?

Continuing the theme of my post of yesterday, one of the things that gets delivered to my e-mailbox every morning is Daily Meditations from Richard Rohr. They don’t always speak to me, but many times they do.

One that was delivered this week asked a question that is a good one to put to ourselves on this first day of the new year (and new decade): “What must I let go in order to be open to growth in 2010?”

We all have things we hold on to. Fears that paralyze us from action. Prejudices that color how we perceive people and things. Ideas we are afraid to see challenged. And, perhaps most inhibiting of growth, delusions or false images about ourselves, pieces of the mask that has formed around us as we have faced various injuries and challenges along the way.

As a follow-up to my suggestions yesterday for reflecting on New Year’s resolutions (and maybe just a different way of getting at the same thing), today is a day to reflect back over the last year, trying to see where things I’ve held onto have prevented me from growing. And, more challenging, to ask, what can I let go of as I begin this new decade? What must I let go of to be more open to growth in this new year? And how do I need God to be with me so that I am able to let go.


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